Methods of treating fleas in dogs


Owning a pet is an involving affair, this is because you have to be on the lookout for its wellbeing.   The same way you will want your children to be without problems that you should also do with your pets. Apart from feeding they need medical attention. One of the common issues in the pet is the infestation by fleas. There are different methods of pets treatment and below are some of them you can try.  

The first method of treatment and prevention of fleas and other pests in dogs is flea collars. These are fitted around the neck. Fleas and ticks mostly inhabit the neck area that is why the flea collars are advisable. This treatment is proofed to be effective because it lasts up to eight months. The other advantage of flea collar is that they not only treat but they prevent future infestation of your pets by fleas. However, not all the collars that are on sale are for precautionary reasons. So when you consider buying a collar ask for that one that is used to prevent future infestation. Flea collars are available in different, ask for the one that fit the size of your pet.

The other treatment at for fleas is pills. Pills as a method of treating pleas in dogs are one of the fastest method of eliminating the parasites. Some are said to kill the fleas within six hours of being administered. Flea pills are available in two different types. There that one which is used in killing adult fleas and others for the destruction of fleas eggs. You can use a combination of both for the most efficient results. Flea pills should be given to your pets depending on the prescription of a veterinary doctor. Flea control pills can either chew able or swallowed. If your dog has a problem taking the pills, you can try chew-able tablets.

Another type of medication at to eliminate fleas in your pet is by the use of shampoos and powders. Powders can remain effective for one week while shampoos are effective for one day. This method is used to remove adult flea and does kill the flea eggs. It can be used alongside other methods like pills to prevent infestation. Insects can also be sprayed with pesticide. This is not highly advisable because the drug s are mostly poisonous. 

You can try all the above methods to keep your pets free from fleas. But, the other thing that is important after treatment to prevent a further attack is keeping the pet's environment clean. Keeping your pets in a dirty environment will attract fleas to them.   
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