Choosing Dog Flea and Tick medicine


Ticks and fleas are some of the pet issues that owners of dogs have to deal with. It does not matter where you live, if you own a dog they will be infested with fleas at some point. These parasites can cause some health problems to the pet. Fleas cause the dog to itch and scratch with makes the dog miserable and unhappy. Seeing your dog miserable will make you unhappy too. There are some dogs that are allergic to the saliva from fleas. If your dog has this allergy, fleas can cause some serious skin diseases that are very hard to treat.  Dog flea medicines help you get rid of the fleas and ticks so that you dog can be healthy and comfortable. There are many dog flea medicine available in the market. Dog owners usually have a hard time deciding which of them is the best for their dog. Having some basic knowledge about dog flea and tick medicines is useful when choosing the most suitable one. It is not enough to just grab the cheapest dog flea and tick medicine like Pet-Lock that you find on the shelf. You need to know the active ingredients that are used in the medicine. Knowing the ingredients will enable you know whether the medicine can be used on puppies.

Some of the ingredients may be too strong for a puppy. Additionally, some of the ingredients may be very effective in eradicating fleas but not ticks. This would mean that your pet will be free of fleas but still with ticks which can be dangerous to the pet. It is also good to find out if the dog flea and tick medicine that you buy kills both the adult fleas, eggs and larvae too or just the adult ones. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best flea treatment, go to

The best flea and tick medicine for dogs is one that kills the eggs and the larvae too. adult fleas and ticks make a very small proportion of the population of fleas or ticks on your dog. The other bulk is eggs and larvae, which are on their way to becoming adults that can reproduce. Killing just the adults does not break the cycle as the new adults will soon start reproducing, infecting your dog again. Pet-lock spot-on products will kill adult fleas and keep the larvae and eggs from developing into mature fleas. This ensures that there will be no re-infection. The product should be used all round the year for the best results to be realized, read this!